Sherwin Williams Duration Home: 2022 Review

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Sherwin Williams Duration

Sherwin Williams Duration Home is a high quality interior paint. It is water-based and used mainly for the interior of homes. It is one of Sherwin Williams most popular products and has been around for decades. 

I have used this product many times myself. I was unable to find much information online about the product, and decided to share my experiences with it here. 

If you have found a can stored in your basement and want to know a little more about the product, this article is for you. 

Here, we will learn about:

  • Coverage
  • Application
  • Washability + Durability 
  • Sheen levels 
  • Price

Let’s jump in.

Washability + Durability9/10
Sheen Levels8/10

Sherwin Williams Duration Coverage

Sherwin Williams Interior Duration covers very well. I have not heard of many instances where more than two coats were necessary. Personally, two coats have always worked for me, and I have occasionally gotten away with one coat. 

Duration is marketed as a ‘paint and primer in one’. This doesn’t mean this product should be painted right onto new drywall (I would still use a specific drywall primer for that), but it should help finish the job with fewer coats of paint. 

If you are painting a color similar to what is on the wall already, you shouldn’t need more than two coats. You might even be able to get away with one coat.

The only situations where two coats might not cut it, is a drastic color change or very vibrant colors such as bright yellows, reds, and greens. 

Sherwin Williams Interior Duration does cost more than other products available, but it should also save you a lot of time. 

Sherwin Williams Duration Application

Sherwin williams duration

So, is Duration pretty user friendly? It isn’t that hard to apply, but when you consider the price, it should go on easier.

This paint is very thick. While that helps with coverage and durability, it makes application a little more difficult.

When working with this product, start by loading less paint on the brush or roller than you typically would. Once you get used to using Duration, it ends up being pretty easy to work with.

Interior Duration should be dry to the touch in two to four hours at room temperature. Sherwin Williams recommends waiting eight hours to paint a second coat. 

Washability and Durability

Duration is a very washable paint. You will be able to wipe down the walls without seeing any kind of blemishes or marks from the wash cloth.  

As is typical with most paints, a higher sheen will be more washable. Satin, the most common sheen for walls, is going to be pretty easy to keep clean. 

sherwin williams duration

One of Sherwin Williams Duration best selling points is its durability. This product will stand up to most abuse because of a specific technology used to make the paint. 

Duration is made with a “micro-bead” technology that gives it added durability. The microscopic beads in the paint add a layer on the wall’s surface that is hard to abrade. 

Unlike most products, even Duration Home Flat has good washability and durability.

The durability and washability of Duration is going to be good enough for nearly every circumstance. If you anticipate having to frequently clean your walls, then this product might be your best bet.  

Sheen Levels

Interior Duration has all the typical sheens you would expect. It starts with flat, then matte, satin, and semi gloss.  

Interior Duration covers a pretty good range of sheens. Flat and satin are the most common for walls and semi gloss is used frequently on trim and doors (although I would use an enamel, like Proclassic for trim and doors). 


At this time, Interior Duration starts at $76.49 for a one gallon bucket. This has increased about 5% every year for the last couple of years because of material shortages and difficulties with COVID. 

$76.49 is pretty high to pay for a gallon of paint, especially if you need five or six gallons to finish the job. Sherwin Williams runs frequent sales that range from 35%-40% and I would wait until one of those is running. It could end up saving you a lot of money. 

In Conclusion…

Sherwin Williams Duration is one of the companies best products and will meet the needs of most homeowners. 

Its coverage is very good and its durability and washability are better than most products out there. 

Personally, I would be happy using Interior Duration in my own house. If you have young kids or a couple rowdy pets, it will be a great product. 

If you are not too worried about washability, then Superpaint is another good option that covers well and is a little less expensive. Behr Marquee is a great option as well.

If you want to take a step up in quality and buy Sherwin Williams highest end product, Emerald, you can expect the same coverage and durability as Duration with a little easier application. 


What is the difference between Sherwin Williams Emerald and Duration?

The two products are pretty similar. The biggest difference is application. Emerald applies easier than Duration.

How long does Sherwin Williams Duration last?

With normal wear and tear, Duration will last 10+ years on the wall easily.

Does Duration need two coats?

I would always paint two coats, however if it looks great after one coat there is no need for a second coat.

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