Sherwin Williams Promar 400: What is it? Review, 2022

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Sherwin Williams Promar 400 is a low grade, interior, water based paint that is mainly used in apartment complexes and newly built homes.

I have used this product many times myself. I was unable to find much information online about the product, and decided to share my experiences with it here. 

If you have found a can stored in your basement and want to know a little more about the product, this article is for you. 

Here, we will learn about:

  • Coverage
  • Application
  • Washability + Durability 
  • Sheen levels 
  • Price

Let’s jump in.

Washability and Durability2/10
Sheen Levels5/10


promar 400

Promar 400 does not cover very well, especially the higher the sheen. If you are using Promar 400 Flat, maybe you’ll get away with two coats but anything else will be 3+. 

Promar 400 is made with more water than higher quality paints and, because of that, will take more coats to finish the job. 

If you are thinking about buying Promar 400, it is probably to save money. Depending on the size of the job, this could backfire. If you can buy a higher end product and do have the coats, you will save paint and time. 

Obviously buying less paint will save you money, but if you could save 3-6 hours, would you? How much is your time worth? Just something to consider before you start the job.


promar 400

So, is Promar 400 pretty user friendly? Not really. It isn’t the worst paint on the market, but after a half hour of painting, you might wish for another product. 

If you are brushing or rolling, prepare to deal with drips, streaks, and splatters. Because the paint contains more water than higher end products, it will run more than normal. 

Most of the people that use Promar 400 are spraying out entire rooms or homes. They are in and out and don’t care about what the end product looks like.

Promar 400 takes 2-4 hours at room temperature to dry to the touch. It is recommended that you wait at least 8 hours to paint a second coat.

Washability and Durability

Promar 400 is not a very washable paint. The flat is definitely not washable. As soon as you start wiping it down, you will notice marks where paint is rubbing off. 

promar 400

A higher sheen will help a little bit, but, at the end of the day, this paint doesn’t have good washability. Even the egshel and semi gloss will start showing blemishes where it has been wiped down.

As you can probably guess, Promar 400 is not very durable either. You will not be able to scrub anything off the walls with leaving marks. I have seen finger marks on walls that cannot be wiped off. It’s hot garbage.  

If you are painting a high traffic area, or if you anticipate having to clean the walls off frequently, this is not the product to use. You will not be happy with the results, I promise.

Sheen Levels

Promar 400 has four sheens as of this writing; flat, egshel, semi gloss, and high gloss (in certain colors). It covers all the common sheen levels, but doesn’t have much else. 

The painters buying this product are using flat or semi gloss 9 times out of 10 anyway. Usually they will use flat on the walls and semi gloss on the trim, so there isn’t much of a reason to make a lot of different sheens. 


Promar 400 will cost around $50 a gallon for homeowners and DIY customers. Sherwin Williams wants to sell this product to contractors only, so they price it very high to anyone else. However, most stores will sell it to you for about $25 if you ask nicely.

For a contractor, the price is a lot different. Painting companies should be paying $15 to $25 a gallon. It will depend how much paint the company purchases per year and what part of the country they are in.

In Conclusion…

Promar 400, in terms of quality, is not a good paint. It is marketed towards companies that paint newly built homes and large apartment complexes. Neither of those customers want to spend a lot of money on paint, so quality is going to take a hit.

It is not a product that I would use to paint my own home. I wouldn’t even touch up with it. It’s very bad.

If you have pets or kids, or a lot of people in and out of the house or apartment, I would step up the quality a little bit. Something like Superpaint, Captivate, or Duration might cost a little more money, but will end up being better in the long run.


Is Promar 400 or Promar 200 better?

Promar 200 is a much better paint all around.

Is Promar 400 a primer?

Promar 400 is not a primer, nor is it self priming. Always paint Promar 400 over a primer or previously painted surface.

Is Promar 400 good for ceilings?

You can use Promar 400 on ceilings. Since nobody is touching the ceilings, it won’t get marked up. This is the only place I would use it personally.

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