Should you buy Sherwin Williams Promar 200? 2022 Review

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promar 200

Sherwin Williams Promar 200 is a mid grade latex based paint designed for painting contractors.

promar 200

It is very popular in the industry, used everywhere from personal homes to large commercial projects such as office buildings and warehouses.

I have used this product many times myself. I was unable to find much information online about the product, and decided write a Promar 200 review here.

If you have found a can stored in your basement and want to know a little more about the product, this article is for you. 

Here, we will learn about:

Let’s jump in.

Washability + Durability4/10
Sheen Levels7/10


Promar 200 is a very average paint when it comes to coverage. It’s not the best, but not the worst. If you are using it in your home or office, I would plan on having to do two coats, but possibly three.

You can probably get two coats if conditions are good. It helps if you are going over a previously painted or primed surface.

Coverage also depends on the color. If you are going over a light color or similar color, there is a good shot that two coats will cover fine. 

However, if you completely switch colors, coverage will not be as good and it will probably take three coats. Dark and vibrant colors don’t cover well either.

I would plan for three coats in those situations, but be pleasantly surprised if the job was done in two.


promar 200

So, is Promar 200 pretty user friendly? Its not the worst, but certainly not the worst. 

A good brush or roller full can go a long way on most surfaces. I also haven’t had many issues with splattering either. Remember to check for drips and runs every 10 or 20 minutes.

Sherwin Williams Promar 200 is a no VOC paint. VOC are chemicals released into the air from wet paint. This is the paint smell that people complain about. It barely smells and you won’t breath harsh chemicals when using the product.

Washability + Durability

promar 200

Promar 200 is also very average (noticing a trend here) in terms of washability. Wiping dirt and grime off the walls will only be effective with a higher sheen. I would choose an egshel or higher for better cleaning. 

If you are working with Promar 200 Flat, wiping down the walls too much will start to make marks, and begin rubbing paint off. I would stick to using egshel in high moisture areas and high traffic areas. 

This product is not a very durable paint. While you can wipe down the walls with a wet rag, any serious scrubbing will create marks and remove paint. This goes for any sheen, too. 

If you anticipate having to do any serious cleaning, I would choose another product. Muddy dogs and toddlers with crayons will not mix well with Promar 200.

Sheen Levels

promar 200

Most paints are going to have three to four different sheen levels. Typically there is a flat, satin/egshel, semi gloss, and gloss.

Promar 200 takes it a step further and has seven different sheens (as of this writing). There is flat, satin, low sheen egshel, low gloss egshel, egshel, semi gloss, and high gloss.

If you are looking for a very specific shine, then Promar 200 might have what you need. Just remember, that the higher the sheen, the more washable the paint. 


Promar 200 will cost around $75 a gallon for homeowners and DIY customers. Sherwin Williams wants to sell this product to contractors, so they price it very high to anyone else. However, most stores will sell it to you for about $40 if you ask nicely.

For a contractor, the price is a lot different. Painting companies should be paying $20 to $35 a gallon. It will depend how much paint the company purchases per year and what part of the country they are in.

In Conclusion…

Promar 200, in terms of quality, is smack dab in the middle of the pack. It is marketed towards painting companies that are going to be buying a ton of paint for a lot of different jobs.

It is fine for office buildings and warehouses where the walls won’t get marked up too bad, but I personally wouldn’t want to paint my house with 200. 

If you have pets or kids, or a lot of people in and out of the house or apartment, I would step up the quality a little bit. Something like Superpaint of Captivate might cost a little more money, but will end up being better in the long run.


Is Promar 200 or Promar 400 better?

Promar 200 is the better product in every category. However, neither of these products are great quality paints.

Is Promar 200 a primer or paint?

Promar 200 is a non-self priming paint. However, there is a product called Promar 200 Primer. These are two separate products and the primer should not be used as a topcoat.

How long does it take Promar 200 to cure?

Promar 200 will fully cure in 1-2 weeks. It will be dry to the touch in under 4 hours and can be recoated in 8, but a full cure takes longer.

Is Promar 200 washable?

Promar 200 in higher sheens is washable. Promar 200 in a flat sheen is not.

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