Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor Enamel. Should you buy it?

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Porch and Floor Enamel

Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor Enamel is a very durable interior/exterior paint designed for wood and concrete floors. 

Porch and Floor Enamel has been around for several years and been used in thousands of homes. It is good for porches, stairs, laundry rooms, storage areas, and more. 

I have painted this product on porches and a couple sets of stairs. 

I was unable to find much information online about the product, and decided to share my experiences with it here. 

Porch and floor enamel

If you have found a can stored in your basement and want to know a little more about the product, this article is for you. 

Here, we will learn about:

  • Coverage
  • Application
  • Washability + Durability 
  • Sheen levels 
  • Price
Washability + Durability9/10
Sheen Levels5/10

For commonly asked questions, skip to the bottom. Otherwise, let’s jump in.

Porch and Floor Enamel is a water based enamel, so it doesn’t have a bad odor and cleans up with water. No need for thinners to wash your brushes and rollers. 

Sherwin Williams Porch & Floor Enamel Coverage

Porch and Floor Enamel is a self priming coating. Paint this product right over properly prepared surfaces. These can be bare surfaces or previously painted surfaces.

Always do at least two coats, even if one looks good.  

One gallon will do about 450 square feet, which goes a long way on porches, patios, or basement floors.

If the concrete or wood is extra porous, then you may not quite get the 450 square feet.  

Porch and Floor Enamel Application

porch and floor enamel

This product is very easy to apply. A ⅜ inch roller nap should do the trick on most surfaces. 

If the concrete is a little rough or if there are deep grooves in between wooden planks, a ½ inch nap is a great choice. 

You will want to wait about 4 hours to do a second coat. 

Make sure there is not a clear coat on the wood or concrete. These are hard to see, but will cause the paint to fail if painted over.

You can check for a clear coat by doing a water test. Drop a few droplets of water onto the wood or concrete. If it beads up, there is a clear coat on there and if it sinks in there is not. 

After finishing the second coat, wait about 24 hours before any light foot traffic. 

A full cure will take 7 days. Wait the full week before heavy foot traffic or adding any tables and chairs. 

You can also have the paint store add grip when tinting. Products like Sharkgrip are little plastic beads that go in the paint and give it a gritty finish.

Porch and Floor Enamel Washability and Durability

porch and floor enamel

Porch and Floor Enamel is designed to be very washable and durable. If it wasn’t, the paint would come right off the floor.

It has very good reviews online. Usually when there is an adherence issue it is because of surface preparation.

This product will stand up to foot traffic, dragging furniture, pets, and many other things when it is fully cured. 

I would not use this product in a garage or anywhere there will be vehicle traffic. Porch and Floor Enamel will probably fail in those cases. 

Porch and Floor Enamel Sheen Levels

Porch and Floor Enamel is only available in a satin sheen. It would be nice to have a couple of different options, but I get it.

Anything higher, and you might start worrying about slipping. Anything lower, and you lose durability. 

At the end of the day, satin is a medium shine that is suitable for the floor.

Porch and Floor Enamel Price

porch and floor enamel

At this time, Porch and Floor Enamel costs around $80 for a one gallon bucket. This has increased every year for the last couple of years because of material shortages and difficulties with COVID. 

$80 is a lot of money to pay for a gallon of paint, I get it. Keep in mind that Sherwin Williams frequently runs 30-40% sales during the year.

Buy a gallon during one of these sales and then bring it back to be tinted when you are ready to start your project.

I would not go cheap when painting your floor. 

I have seen too many customers buy cheap wall paint for their floors.

They always end up coming back and complaining about it peeling. 

In Conclusion…

Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor Enamel is a high quality paint for floors.  

It has a nice, smooth finish and its durability and washability are better than most products out there. 

If I needed a coat of paint on my basement floor or exterior patio, my go-to would be Porch and Floor Enamel. 

For more commercial use, such as an office building or storage room I would use Sherwin Williams Armorseal Treadplex

It is a very similar project, but geared more towards industrial projects. 

For a wood porch or deck, I would personally use an exterior solid stain. Over a properly prepared surface, they tend to hold up a little better.


Does Porch and Floor Enamel need a primer?

As long as the surface is sound and clean, you will not need a primer. It doesn’t matter if the surface is previously painted or bare. However, two coats is recommended.

What is Porch and Floor Enamel used for?

This product is used to paint wood or concrete floors that do not get vehicle traffic.

How long does it take Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor Enamel to dry?

At room temperature, it will dry to the touch in 1 hour. You can recoat it after 4 hours. It will withstand light foot traffic after 24 hours.

How do you apply Porch and Floor Enamel?

This paint can be applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer. 

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